Modern updates to historic spaces

What is restoration? Restoring a home or building means updating it to include modern details while honoring its original style.


At Kane Thistle Construction, we understand the delicate balance between honoring the original craftsmanship of a historic home and modernizing it for optimal use. We are proud to have restored historic barns to their early charm, and transformed early 20th century houses to modern, functioning homes.

Specialties include:

  • Detailed workmanship to accurately and beautifully restore historic homes

  • A deep appreciation of historic beauty, paired with the skill to make historic spaces functional

  • Total transparency and constant communication throughout the restoration process

  • Commitment to meeting set timelines, adhering to budget, and being considerate of your space throughout the process

  • Respect for your property, time, and investment

  • Trusted relationships with a team of skilled craftspeople who are dedicated to quality, consideration, and timeliness

  • Significant background and knowledge about asbestos removal and testing

Are you interested in restoring a historic structure?