Enhancing and extending spaces

What is a home additon? A home addition is when you add on to an existing space to extend square footage or enhance the living space.


Additions by Kane Thistle Construction can boost your home’s value, improve its functionality, and add to its character. Whether you want to build a new master bedroom, enlarge your living room, or add an office to improve overall usability, we can help.

Specialties include:

  • Building a second story above your home or garage
  • Office, master bedroom, kitchen, and bathroom expansions and the addition of guest or dwelling units

  • Maximizing your home by adding or finishing a basement
  • Expertise overseeing permitting, wiring, HVAC, plumbing, and beyond
  • Harmonizing your existing home with a tastefully designed addition that fits in seamlessly
  • Ensuring that materials align with your vision and budget
  • Budget consciousness, a dedication to providing quality workmanship, and a keen sense of time management
  • Flexibility and collaboration throughout the life of your project to ensure the best possible outcome and quality
  • Timely and efficient communication to ensure you have a solid understanding of what is happening throughout every stage of your project

Would you like to expand a space that isn't meeting your needs?

Thank you so much for such a great job…
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