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Kane Thistle Construction is driven to complete every project with skill, timeliness, integrity, and trust.


Who we are

Kane Thistle Construction is a general contracting business dedicated to making the home of your dreams a reality. We have over 15 years of experience serving families across Sonoma County. As one of the last real general contractors, we handle the overall coordination of your building project, managing all subcontractors and providing all-in-one project oversight with a daily onsite presence.

Our unrivaled expertise with permit processing, zoning, code compliance, code insurance upgrades, and fire damage sets us apart from other contractors and defines a new standard in full-service construction.

It is our mission to:

  • Utilize only the highest-quality service providers
  • Keep costs in line with your original vision
  • Deliver a final result that exceeds your every expectation

Custom Builds

Explore how Kane Thistle Construction will use innovative designs and industry-leading craftsmanship to build your dream home from the ground up. 
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Discover the unique benefits of our top-quality remodeling services for your bathroom, kitchen, master bedroom, or entire home.
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Improve the usability and functionality of any space with flawless additions that fit seamlessly into the style and structure of your home. 
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Learn how Kane Thistle Construction can modernize your historic home for optimal use while honoring its original era and charm. 
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Explore our world-class services and learn about the background of owner Kane Thistle.

Get in touch to find out more about our business or to discuss your unique project.

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